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Living Power produce renewable electricity generated from environmentally benign and sustainable sources of recovered waste vegetable oils using modular generating units which in operation produce total outputs ranging from 150-6,000kW. The flexibility of our de-centralised model means that generator sets (gensets) as small as 150kW can be located on and produce electricity for the your operating sites. Where there is a suitable heat demand we can also use the exhaust and engine radiator heat to supply the site with both heat and electricity, this is known as combined heat and power (CHP). CHP is one of the most efficient ways of producing power, both reducing costs and emissions to the atmosphere.

Our CHP solutions maximize production efficiency and cut down on the wastage of centralized power generation models. The average electricity usage of this type of solution is between 150KW and 2MW but we are happy to explore the possibility of bespoke electricity usage.

For more information about the various solutions we can provide, please visit REG Biopower.

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Landowners... We want your wind.

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Landowners... We want your wind.